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Thai-Yoga massage

What is Thai Yoga?

Thai-yoga massage is a strong and stimulating massage that improves flexibility of the body and the mind. It provides a blissfull feeling and deep relaxation. It is an energizing and rhythmic massage that will gives you confidence in your body and its own possibilities.

The reference to yoga emphasizes the roots of Thai massage. Indeed, this massage is derived from the traditionnal aruyvedic Indian medicine, dating back to more than 2500 ago. The stretchs provided in Thai-yoga massage are very similar to asanas (i.e. yoga figures).
Receving a thai-yoga massage gives you the same relaxation than a yoga session and improves your flexibility.

What happens during a session?
This massage is a series of stretches, similar to those of yoga that aim to liberate the flow of energy in the body. It relies on energy lines called sen that I will also activate and harmonise through acupressure. Thai-yoga is practice with clothes on in a respectful and harmonious environment.
Traditionally, thai massage last for 2 hours.

Who can receive a massage thai yoga?
Thai-yoga is beneficial to all, especially to those who wish to improve their flexibility, such as the elderly but also yogis, dancers, etc.

By allowing energy to flow more freely, thai-yoga massage alleviate problematic conditions such as:
▪stress related conditions
▪chronic fatigue
▪anxiety and depression
▪digestion troubles
▪lower back pain

How do I prepare for a session?
For your convenience, avoid eating just before receiving a massage. It is also best to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. You can change clothes in our changing room.

I’m pregnant, can I get a Thai-Yoga massage?
I do not practice Thai massage on pregnant women but I can offer you a relaxing and uplifting shiatsu massage (once your first trimester is over). I also organise sessions for expecting couples, to guide partner to massage the expectant mother.

Practical informations (where, when, how, how much, etc.) and massage's booking by email : anais.tamen(at) or via our Contact form.

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