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scary world theory (2)

February the 12th
angel metro station

no soundtrack, the world is mute

red & pink

cranberry juice
angora wool
candles in your smile

a dark corner in the staircase
to heaven

red & pink

sunset on my dress
butterflies in my belly
sugar on your lips

high I fly


red & pink

Please mind the gap

...maybe that's not something to be afraid of?


you're lying on your back
trying not to wake-up the pain
trying not to wake-up your soul
you can feel them all around
trying to get a glimpse of your bare heart
their tongues rummaging their acid brain
while their grey smile lullaby you
you're lying on you back
lying to yourself
everything will be fine you whisper
and as your lips move they get closer
you stop breathing you want to scream
you close your eyes so much they will pop inside

- hey,



someone's humming in your brain
you feel tiny hands burning your cold skin
blacks feathers land on your eyes
and roll down your cheeks
a roasted apple smell flatter your nose
as a red-candy mouth explore your face
search for your lips
you cannot move but you feel warmth everywhere
strokings on your tights licks on your toes
the pain stop as your desire grow
the ice melts under your back
and flowers grows between your legs and arms
they bow at the smile on your face
as her saliva run down your tights
something slide inside you
pleasure tears a scream out of brain

- Wake-up honey!
It's Christmas time, everybody's here.


my eyes are dryer than the desert
I stand on my feet
but my heart lies miles beneath the ground
as my blood melt in the earth,
the Devil draws closer

I wait for my redemption...
on a still night
my body will shiver
against the coldness of his hand