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I offer Open Hearts Dance sessions.

A space-time focus on feeling, breathing, inner and outer movement.
An invitation to connect to yourself and others




" You have entered an exploration space though movement. Movement can be subtle, introverted, almost unnoticeable from outside as it can be explosive and outrageous. In this space we are invited to play with the whole spectrum with respect to our body and to others. If you are tired, give yourself the support you need to keep moving. Dance your tiredness or anything that rise in the moment.

We dance our life. We dance ourselves. We are dance. We are danced.
Let's allow it to happen.

Other body expressions like voicing or screaming are welcome. We share the intention to welcome all emotions rising inside us and process them trough movement. If you do not resonate with a song or an invitation, it’s a perfect occasion to question your resistance. You can use this opportunity to face a challenge in a safe place. This is a perfect training for life outside the dance floor (i.e. putting boundaries, recognising our limits, needs, etc.).

Let your mind in the backstage and allow your body, heart and soul to take over for this journey.

Our heart is the place from which we listen to our body (with self-love and self-care) and we connect with the other dancers (with genuine openness and awareness)."

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Spontaneous dancing performance from Anaïs.